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50 Reasons why Clinton should not be President
1. She won a rigged primary contest against Bernie Sanders. The Democrats rigged it against him and he narrowly lost because of it.
2. She is beholden to corporate and Wall Street banking interests.
3. She will expand unfair and unfree trade deals to benefit said corporate interests
4. She voted for the war in Iraq.
5. She values globalism more than American interests. The president must uphold the Constitution first and foremost, even when it conflicts with globalism.
6. She mishandled the situation in Libya, leading to several Americans dying there, including the ambassador to Libya. She ignored 600 requests for additional security. Had she heeded even one of them, those dead Americans might still be alive today.
7. She mishandled the "reset" with Russia, which has become more aggressive today, even to the point of invading other countries.
8. She knew of Saudi support for ISIS and kept it a secret.
9. She rode into the White House (or is about to) on the coattails of Bill Clinton. I
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[The core groups I mentioned that she needed to win  greatly or peel off were the youth, blacks, Hispanics, women and white males -the numbers are accurate as of this posting November 10, 2016 so may not be accurate as final vote tallies and may change some]
I will be discussing Why Trump won.. and no it is not just because of racism as some are claiming.
I will break down some of the reasons why Trump got more of the Latino vote than the Republicans did last time, why Hillary got less than a Democrat normally does
Why Trump got more of the Black vote than any Republican in 20 years, and why Clinton got less than democrats normally does
Why Hillary Clinton got less among the white male than Democrats normally do, and why Trump did very well among women and Clinton actually did worse among women did Obama  did in 2012.
Looking around some of the pages of my feed, I see a constant theme that Trump only won because of racism, we must be honest here.
The swing states that Trump w
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Dear Anti-Trump Rioters...
Before 2016 Election

After 2016 election

Dear Anti-Trump Rioters,
    I want you all to take a look at these videos. Each and every one of them. Your behavior hasn't changed much in regards to the 2016 presidential campaigns and the aftermath of the election. Actually, scratch that. As much as I didn't think it was possible, much of your behavior seems to have gotten worse. After watching these videos highlighting your ridiculous antics, I have felt the need to get this off my chest and call out every single of you for your blatant intolerance for differing opinions, refusal to accept any constructive criticism or enlightenment, and unwarranted sense of entitlement. To myself and the great majority of onlookers, these reactions look like a childish temper tantrum, being passed off as a noble crusade in "I'm doing something righteous, I'm preventing Trump from ruining the country, Love Trumps
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Why Trump Won.
Imagine that you were a factory worker living in a Midwestern town. Perhaps in Ohio, maybe Wisconsin. You worked hard at your union job alongside people of several different races and backgrounds. It paid well. You judged people based on their deeds, not the color of their skin or any other external quality. If people were honest and hardworking, you liked them, and if not, no.
You and your wife made enough money for a house, two cars, and had plenty of cash left over to raise two children. You weren't rich, but you made ends meet and had some money to save. You were and still are religious, with roots in the US going back at least a century, perhaps more. You consider yourself to be patriotic, decent, and on the whole, those are words which describe you and your town pretty well.
Then things began to change. Your town's factory shut down. You had to take a job at a store which paid a fraction of your previous wages. Many people left your town, the tax base withered, and your infrastru
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Featuresssz! :D
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